As a sales-oriented generalist, I have been a career changer in several different management positions. Always interested in innovative solutions and products. What fascinates me about TransANT is the novel way of thinking in the development of a rail freight car. TransANT is making an important contribution to rail freight transports in the future. The railcar design will make a significant improvement in customer-oriented logistics solutions.

Roland Gammer, Managing Director

I’m fascinated by things in motion. Whether it be the movement of people, organizations or vehicles. TransANT is moving goods as well as the entire rail freight car industry in an innovative way. I am delighted to be able to combine my enthusiasm for TransANT with my experience as a mechanical/industrial engineer, my many years of experience as a manager in rail logistics and industrial services and change project manager.

Andreas Redling, Managing Director

The product has all the characteristics of true innovation, and we are well on our way to making a lasting change in the industry. We are making rail freight transports economically more attractive and are creating capacities through lightweight design and modularity for a sustainable shift of transit traffic to the railway!

Stefan Blaschek, Supply Chain and Production Manager

Achieving a satisfactory result every day is only possible at the heart of the company, which is found in production operations. The idea of setting up production and successfully managing it was a big motivation for me in the project to invest all the knowledge and skills I have acquired in mechanical engineering, rail freight car production and lean management.

Denis Ferenac, Production Manager

With my many years of experience in international purchasing and my interest in innovative products, I have been very pleased to be part of the TransANT project.

Christoph Fischer, Purchasing

Rail freight transport is all too often associated with technology from a bygone era. As a technical specialist, I have always wanted to eliminate this misconception. Some time ago, when I was given the opportunity as a project manager to help with the design of a completely new rail freight car and thus to have a lasting impact on the future of freight transport, it became clear to me that this was not just about freight transport, but it was also about generations to come. The modern technology of TransANT is a testimony to how we can successfully provide an environmentally friendly alternative in the field of freight transports. .

Gernot Graner, Senior Design Engineer

Innovations change the world. As a unique product, TransANT is reshaping the world of rail freight cars with a very high level of flexibility and quality. As a graduate in industrial engineering with a focus on smart production, I am particularly interested in making the production of TransANT just that, SMART.

Katharina Hochetlinger, Production Manager

My background: Masters degree in international management (WU/CEMS) and several years of experience in strategic development. My passion: Innovative, high-tech solutions that our planet needs. Our TransANT: Transport of heavy loads with ease, thus shaping a more sustainable future in collaboration with our customers.

Anja Schmid, Key Account Manager

As a development engineer, my objective is to achieve a maximum effect with minimal use of resources. With the help of simulations, I have already been able to solve this task of optimization in several different projects in the field of mechanical engineering. With TransANT, we want to achieve innovative rail freight car designs and to promote our concept of less weight. Making more freight a reality.

Andreas Tomschi, Development Engineer