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TransANT GmbH

TransANT - sustainable freight transport: modular

Ants are highly organized, persistent, adaptable and can lift many times their own weight. Just like TransANT, the generation of freight wagons that is revolutionizing the logistics industry. With TransANT, you can speed up your transports and make them more flexible, cost-efficient, and even more sustainable.

  • TransANT wagons are ready for: Digitalization, sensor technology and automation.
  • All high-strength lightweight platforms are available in various lengths and with different, interchangeable transport superstructures. Naturally manufactured quickly and to a high standard of quality.
  • Load-optimized and customer-specific wagon solutions can be implemented at any time thanks to our extensive engineering expertise.
  • The CO²-reduced high-strength steel puts freight logistics on the green track in several ways.

Green Freight

TransANT is already contributing to sustainable freight transport by using the green rail route, but it goes a decisive step further: the lightweight wagons are made of CO2 -reduced and high-strength alform 700 steel in the greentec steel edition. This saves 3 tons of CO2 emissions per 60 ft of carrier wagon in production alone, for example. In addition, TransANT eliminates the need for numerous journeys thanks to the 20 % lighter underframe and the resulting 4 t higher load capacity.

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Green freight


TransANT is an Austrian company with the visionary idea of revolutionizing rail freight transport in Europe. It develops and produces future-proof, modular and customized freight wagons for the European standard gauge market.



Individual Products

TransANT freight wagons impress with their comparatively light wagon platforms with individual, modular superstructures for different types of goods.


Individuelle Produkte


The TransANT solutions are standardized, flexible and quickly produced in top quality by our reliable third-party manufacturing partner with the highest level of wagon construction expertise. We attach particular importance to short lead times.




Are you interested in a load optimized TransANT freight wagon that fully meets your needs? Simply get in touch with us. We look forward to exchanging ideas with you!

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