ANTS for TransANT

Do you think ants are as cool as we do? We are fascinated by how extremely well organized they are, how persistent and adaptable they are and how they can lift many times their own weight. We use this as a guide in many ways and offer exciting tasks for new ANTS.

As an employer, we work closely with voestalpine and therefore make things better. Better for our customers, our employees, nature, and people. We are proud of our abilities and look forward to what we can still achieve.

Everyone is important!

As a team, we are colorful, diverse and respect different opinions and concepts. This broadens our horizon for a wide range of solutions, helps us reach our goal more quickly and is fun in the long term.

Andreas Tomschi
As Development Engineer, it is my goal to achieve the maximum effect with the minimum use of resources. With the help of simulations, I have already been able to solve this optimization task in a wide variety of projects across the mechanical engineering sector. With TransANT, we want to establish innovative lightweight construction concepts in freight wagon construction and make our idea of "Less weight. More freight" reality.

Andreas Stix-Tomschi, Development Engineer

Andreas Brandmayer
As Quality Manager, I aim to design the company's processes in such an innovative way that the needs of the stakeholders are met to the maximum extent possible, thus ensuring the company's long-term success. By consistently focusing on the future, it is possible to react quickly to changing framework conditions and to firmly establish continuous further development. All the prerequisites for this are in place at TransANT.

Andreas Brandmayr, Quality Manager

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