TransANT GmbH
TransANT GmbH



Your customized freight wagon: Developed by rail professionals

Whatever you want to transport - we can quickly and individually create
 the best freight wagon for it. We offer various topology-optimized platform wagons that are ready for industry-specific or customer-specific superstructures.

In any case, the TransANT wagon guarantees you the advantages of lightweight construction, high flexibility and is already fit for the future.

High Class Engineering done by the in-house team with innovative methods and tools

Our engineers calculate the optimum topology of your wagon so that the high-strength steels used in lightweight construction can apply their maximum force. State-of-the-art software such as SolidWorks and other highly specialized tools support our design engineers and in-house calculation engineers.

We equip the TransANT wagons with future-proof technology and the wagons fully comply with UIC standards.
Additionally, we are intensively working on further development:

  • TransANT-Waggons wagons have already been successfully tested with the digital automatic coupler (Voith Cargoflex), and the relevant UIC construction space has already been provided.
  • TransANT-Waggons wagons comply with all relevant European standards (TSI GE) for rail freight transport.
  • We take care of the relevant approvals for your custom-made TransANT solution.

Are you interested in a load optimized TransANT freight wagon that fully meets your needs? Simply get in touch with us. We look forward to exchanging ideas with you!