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TransANT freight wagons are based on a revolutionary, flexible platform concept. We are thus creating a new standard in the freight transport market - in the interests of society and in the interests of competitive rail transport.

Payload optimized

Thanks to the low tare weight of the TransANT wagon and the load-optimized superstructure, you can transport more of your valuable goods per wagon. This brings significant advantages. For the same transport volume, the TransANT requires fewer trains and therefore lower energy costs and infrastructure usage fees. You and your customers effectively save resources.


No matter how modular you want your freight logistics to be, with TransANT all options are open to you. Simply choose from the range of non-modular, single-wagon modular and containerized variants for shuttle and intermodal transport.  

The advantages speak for themselves:

  • Maintenance is quick and easy because the platform and superstructure can be taken to the workshop separately.
  • The body is simply swapped for changing logistical requirements.
  • The platform is efficiently utilized through modular use and downtimes are reduced.
  • Your investment will continue to work flexibly in the future and is not tied to a specific type of vehicle.


TransANT freight wagons are the first to be built with CO2 -reduced steel for their steel construction - both for the platforms and the superstructures. The value chain for the raw materials and goods transported by the TransANT is therefore significantly more sustainable than is usual in the industry right from the start.

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Wide range of possibilites

There is a suitable TransANT wagon solution for every transport good and every industry. Your application is not (yet) included? Then contact us to find a customized solution together with our experts!


Transport goods

Suitable TransANT wagon type

CoalOpen-top wagon
Bulk goods wagon
OresOpen-top wagon
Bulk goods wagon
ScrapOpen-top wagon
Open-top wagon
Bulk goods wagon
finished metal goodsOpen-top wagon
Building materialsSand, crushed stone, gravelOpen-top wagon
Bulk goods wagon
Building materialsBricks, prefabricated building elementsOpen-top wagon
Wood & paperRound timber, industrial timberFlat wagon
Sawn timber
Sea freight containerIntermodal wagon
Swap bodies
AgricultureSugar beetOpen-top wagon

Wagon types

Open-top wagons

Our open-top wagons are true all-rounders and are characterized by their high strength alform 700 construction. Our multifunctional, open-top wagon is available in various lengths, loading gauges and equipment.

Suitable for: Coal, ores, scap, HBI, finished metal goods, sand, crushed stone, gravel, stones, prefabricated building elements, sugar beets and much more. 


Flat wagons for the timber industry

Flat wagons with stanchions are ideal for transporting timber and, with an optimized stanchion arrangement, are perfectly designed for transporting logs and sawn timber without lashing. Our TransANT flat wagon is available in several lengths, loading gauges and equipment.

Suitable for: Round timber, industrial timber, sawn timber and much more. 


Bulk goods wagons

Our bulk goods wagons maximize the payload of heavy bulk goods, such as iron ore. The TransANT bulk goods wagon is available in several lengths, profiles, and equipment.

Suitable for: Coal, ore, HBI, crushed stone, gavel and much more. 

Individuelle Produkte

2x33ft BulkBox TransANT wagon for voestalpine iron ore transport

The TransANT lightweight platform a 2x33ft BulkBox superstructure made its debut at voestalpine Logistik Service GmbH (LogServ). 30 x 33ft double wagons - divided into two sets - are in continuous daily use for ore transport between Erzberg and Linz. By optimising the topology and using high-strength steel, a payload advantage of up to four tonnes per wagon can be achieved and up to 100 train journeys per year can be saved with the new TransANT fleet. The new hopper wagons have been in daily use under maximum load since 2019. The metre-load-optimised bulk freight wagons from TransANT are setting new standards in freight transport!

Intermodal Wagons

Our lightest intermodal wagons enable the transport of ISO containers as well as containerized bodies in shuttle traffic and benefit from their low tare weight.

Suitable for: Sea freight containers, swap bodies and much more. 


25 TransANT Intermodal Wagons 60ft at EUROWAGON

TransANT GmbH has concluded a contract with the renowned Polish railway wagon leasing company EUROWAGON for the production and delivery of 25 60ft intermodal wagons. The steel in voestalpine greentec steel edition used in these wagons leads to considerable CO2 savings per wagon, which is very important to EUROWAGON as a climate-friendly company. With a tare weight of 16.5 tonnes in intermodal transport and a length of 19.8 meters, 20-, 30- and 40-foot containers and containerized bodies can be transported perfectly, which is ideal for Eurowagon's customer-specific requirements

Are you interested in a modular and individually engineered TransANT wagon? Get touch with us. We look forward to exchanging ideas with you!